Waffle House Menu Along With Prices and Hours

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We probably all want to know about the Waffle house menu and waffle house prices for its various types of food items, as most of us often have our breakfast and other fast food items at the restaurants of this fast-food giant.

Waffle House is basically a chain of fast food restaurant, which is based in the United States and extend its services across the various states of the country. There are currently as many as 2100 active restaurant chains of Waffle House in the US in different states.

Here in this article, we will basically cover Waffle house’s complete menu along with its opening and closing hours, so that you can make the right visit at its restaurants without facing any kind of discomfort.

Waffle House’s Menu with Prices

As we know the waffle house is well known for its casual dining/breakfast and fast food items such as sandwiches etc. There is a lot in the bucket menu of Waffle house’s restaurant and you can accordingly avail almost everything of your liking from there, whether it is your favorite breakfast or the cuisine.

Waffle House’s Drinks Menu

Waffle House’s Kids Menu

We urge you to check out our below-mentioned menu schedule in order to have complete information about the Waffle house’s menu.

Waffle House’s Opening and Closing Hours

Well, other than the menu of Waffle house’s restaurants the opening and closing hours of the restaurants hold the equal significance. The opening and closing hours are basically those hours, which represent the working period of waffle house’s restaurants across the state.

You need to make yourself aware with its opening and closing hours, so that you can make a right visit to the restaurant, during which restaurant in actively offering its services, which are not being the holiday hours.

You can here below check out the standard opening/closing hour of waffle house restaurants for your consideration.

Monday 24 Hours Open
Tuesday 24 Hours Open
Wednesday 24 Hours Open
Thursday 24 Hours Open
Friday 24 Hours Open
Saturday 24 Hours open
Sunday 24 Hours Open


Well, as you can see in the above-mentioned working hours schedule that Waffle house never closes its outlets, whether it is any national/public holiday or even across the weekends.

Waffle House Holiday Hours

Some outlets may get closed during the natural disaster on the venue, but they again open soon as soon as the situation becomes normal and routine.

Waffle House Near me

With the help of this map, the user can easily find the Waffle House near to their location.

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