Pizza Hut Menu Along With Prices and Hours

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If you are a big fan of Pizza Hut and are looking forward for the Pizza Hut menu and price, so that you can accordingly make your next visit to the nearest outlet then we will help you in this regard.

Pizza Hut is currently known as the world’s single largest pizza selling chain, which was founded in Kansas State of United States long back in the year of 1958.

The stores or the outlets of Pizza Hut are spread all over the world with its 18703 stores and there are quite more chances that you can find out one of its stores in your urban city.

In this article, we would assist you by providing the full information about the menu and opening-closing hour information of Pizza Hut, which would facilitate you in visiting of its stores.

Pizza Hut Menu with Price

The menu of Pizza Hut is primarily known by its pizza,pasta,Italian/American cuisine, along with other such side dishes but there is a lot that you can explore in its menu.

Pizza Hut is basically a family-friendly restaurant spot where you can go with your family and enjoy quality of fast food and another type of cuisines originated from American and Italian concepts.

There are several types of beverages and dessert options as well, which you can consider during your casual dining at the restaurant.

Here below you can check out the complete menu of Pizza Hut for your direct reference.

Pizza Hut Opening and Closing Hours

Well, just like another chain of restaurants pizza hurt also follows its working schedule in respect to its operating cycle and you should surely check out that working or opening/closing hour schedule of Pizza Hut.

Once you have proper information about its outlets opening and closing hours, then you can make a comfortable visit to any of its stores.

Here below is the complete opening and closing hour schedule of Pizza Hut’s outlets for the basic consideration of customers.

Monday 11:00 AM TO 11:00PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM TO 11:00PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM TO 11:00PM
Thursday 11:00 AM TO 11:00PM
Friday 11:00 AM TO 12:00AM
Saturday 11:00 AM TO 12:00AM
Sunday 11:00 AM TO 11:00PM



We urge you to visit the Pizza Hut’s nearby store location only on the above mentioned timing, as the stores don’t open for 24/7 hour basis and you will find the store closed at the otherwise timing.

We further suggest the customers that it is the standard operating timing of Pizza hut and the opening hours may vary from one location to other by some minor changes in timings.


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